Wednesday Workout 9.3.14// The Answer

Dynamic Warmup


DeadLift 10-8-5x5


5 Rounds for Time

Run 300m (front door to front door through the alley)

8 Wall Ball shots 20/14 (unbroken)

5 Burpees

Pro tip// not an easy pro-tip pill to swallow//  we all have aesthetic goals, we're human! The best way to reach those goals though, is to have performance goals. You've already heard this over and over, but it actually means something with CrossFit. Example:  It really breaks my heart when I hear a woman say, "I'm really dissatisfied with my arms." Same woman though says, "I won't lift weights because I don't want to get bulky." Think about all of the women on the earth that you've ever encountered. There is not a damn single one that can do pull-ups who says, "I love being able to do all these pull-ups, but these arms are way too bulky."

Try this, make a Skill goal, a max lift goal, and a benchmark goal.

My current goals are: 

Before 31-

200#  Snatch-so close!!

sub 3  Fran, yikes,  but it will happen! 

Pistols, some day, very lofty goal.

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