Monday 9.22.14// Who's who of CrossFit part 1


Back Squat 8-6-5x4

BWC// In between squat sets

4xME hold in support on rings

MetCon// "14.1" with a kettle bell // 

AMRAP 10 Minutes

15 Kettle Bell Snatch (53/35)

30 Double Unders (2:1)  

CrossFit has a very short history, but I consider it to be very rich regardless. A fun//and optional// part of CrossFitting is becoming engrossed in the global culture and history of CrossFit. Many  athletes//like myself//follow the sport and community like any other well informed sports fan.

Here is just a brief list of Me and MacLarin's favorite influential CrossFit Coaches. Check them out on the youtubes and instagram!

Kelly Starrett- Founder and owner of San Francisco CrossFit. PHD physical therapy. Author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run (we'll be doing a gym book study on this one when it drops)

Carl Paoli- Coach at San Francisco CrossFit. Operates Author of Free+Style.

Dianne Fu- Olympic Weight Lifting Coach. She's special because she's the only influential woman Oly coach in the game right now. Also from SF CrossFit

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