Friday 9.19.14// Heidi-I asked for a key to the workout acronyms!

Barbell Warmup


EMOM 10//Coach will assign your Complex

a. 1 Clean and Jerk

b. 1 Hang Clean and Jerk

c. 1 Hang Clean and s2o


benchmark workout: "Grace"

look it up ;)

Heidi-i asked for a key to the workout acronyms!

BB// Barbell (squat, DL, Press)

DL// Dead Lift

BBG// Barbell Gymnastics (clean or snatch complexes)

TTB// Toes to Bar

K2E// Knees to Elbow

S2O or S2OH// Shoulder to Overhead

G2O// Ground to Overhead

PB&J// not even worth it:(

KBS// Kettle Bell Swing

KBsnatch// Kettle Bell Snatch

PBR// Only after a competition:0

MU// Muscle Up

DU// double under

EMOM// Every Minute On the Minute

IPA// every other Saturday:)

AMRAP// As many reps/rounds as possible

RFT// Rounds for time

BYOB// Bring Your Own Bacon 

UB// Unbroken

HS// hand stand

FROYO// put Jon's daughter through college;)



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