Wednesday 9.24.14// The 5 secrets to successful training at Harvest CrossFit

Gymnasty Warmup//


Floor Press 8-6 5x4


3 Rounds for Time

15 Thrusters (95/65)

15 Burpees

I realize that our main blog audience is our members+our mothers. So I'll save all the talk about how amazing CrossFit is because you're likely already doing CrossFit.

1. Leave your Ego at the door! //Luckily all of our members are very humble and ready to learn and work. CrossFit is by design, illuminating. Our weaknesses are brought into the light and there's nowhere to hide. No one is alone. I absolutely despise toes to bar, but I'll struggle through them next to you. And truly we're fueled by watching your progress.

2. Come early-stay late!// If you can. We love to talk! One thing you'll find as a CrossFitter is that people aren't always as eager to hear about CrossFit as you are to talk about it. You can always offload that enthusiasm with us and fellow athletes.

3. Compete!// Competition is one major spice of life. Since we scale the workouts, they're relative, and since they're scored, you have someone to chase. Even if your lucky and catch a solo class (i.e. dirt cheap personal training! We love it no-less) your score or time is on the board and someone wants to beat it, so set a good one! If your grandmother is working out next to me and scaling everything, I'm still trying to crush her! And I'll probably talk a little trash//I DO NOT recommend the trash-talking to CrossFitting Grandmothers...I'm just really charming and can get away with it;)

4. Share your knowledge!//MacLarin and I are CF-Level 1 trainers. And yes, we know a crap load about moving and eating and sports and stuff, but a lot of that knowledge comes from our own experience and pursuit of knowledge beyond the CrossFit seminar. As you learn from us and move your own body, help out your fellow athletes if you think you can. Teach your kids how to squat. Teach your grandma how to squat...she'll never beat me though. And if you know someone who needs CrossFit, bug them until they come train with you!

5. Trust Us!// If you get hurt, that is very bad for business. We don't ask our athletes to do anything we don't think is possible. You guys rule and are capable of so much! Let us show you what you can do!




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