Thursday 9.25.14// Is it humility if I tell you I'm humble?

Extended mobility of the ankles and hips 

BWC// Inversion exercises and practice (upside down stuff)


28 Minute AMRAP

Alternate minutes

A. 8 Pistols alternating legs

B. 8 V-ups 

In yesterday's blog//wait, if you didn't already read it, go back and read it. In yesterday's blog, #1 was 'Leave your ego at the door'. I hope that today's workout is a great example of my humility as one of your trainers. MacLarin can perform a beautiful pistol squat. (that's a one legged squat). I straight up//like, looking you in the eye// Cannot. Perform. A pistol...Yet. I can scale the crap out of a pistol. I can explain the mechanics, movement pattern, stability demands, muscular engagement, balance, and accuracy of a pistol, but they are still my nemesis.

A lot of trainers and coaches shy away from teaching skills that they don't themselves have on point. We believe the movements that we're teaching are important to your health, and so we never want to let our ego step in the way of ultimately increasing your quality of life.

So great work today, if you did the thrusters//burpees combo! Lets struggle through some pistols and v-ups!


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