Monday 9.29//Paleo nutrition seminar @7:30pm//This isn't a weight loss competition

Don't forget to check in for the Booster Club! Next month, your Check-in's will go towards Bambinos, a local program that provides diapers and wipes to mothers in need!

Pose Running Warmup



5 Wall Walks

10 TTB

15 KBSDHP (53/53)


OHS 5x4

 Tonight @7:30pm, Harvest is hosting an informal seminar about the Paleo diet and our upcoming October Paleo Challenge. You do not need to attend the seminar in order to participate// this Paleo Challenge is free of charge (even though the prize is going to be SO SICK!)// We'll be handing out food lists and score cards, and if you don't come to the seminar, just make sure to pick up a packet before Wednesday! Invite a friend, spouse, or sibling, if you like//you can promise them that there will not be a workout;)

"Oh is this like a weight loss competition?"// No dude. We believe that weight management is a terrific side effect of improving your fitness. This Paleo challenge is all about showing you how vital nutrition is to your fitness. Rather than weighing in before and after, we'll be using a benchmark workout and re-testing at the end of October.


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