Friday Workout 9.5.14// We don't always do Burpees, but when we do...ok we do do a lot of burpees, at least this week we did!

PVC Warmup//Barbell Warmup


EMOM 10 (The coach will assign your complex)

a. Snatch DL-Hang Snatch-Snatch

b. Snatch DL- Hang Power Snatch-Power Snatch 

c. Hang Power Snatch-Hang Power Snatch


15 Minute Clock

1-10 Power Cleans (135/95) //10-1 Burpees

Then with the remaining time, accumulate as many Pull-ups as possible. Your score is rounds completed at the end of 15 minutes, or reps of pull-ups if you make it to that portion!

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