Monday Workout 9.8.14// The importance of Sport in Fitness

Squat Mobility and prep


Back Squat 10-8-5x5


7 Min AMRAP 

Thrusters! 95/65//EMOM- 5 Pushups 5 Pull Ups (ring rows scale, bands take too long to get in and out of)

WHO IS THE FITTEST BASKETBALL PLAYER? The traditional meaning of the word Fitness may throw you off when trying to answer this question. But we actually can answer it using the classical definition of Fitness (CrossFit is a Renaissance for Fitness!). Comparing a guard and  a post isn't apples and oranges, like everyone used to say. Lets break it down and compare. 

2 players.

Player A. 6'2" 200lbs

Player B. 6'5" 209lbs

Player A. 41" Vertical jump

Player B. 33" Vertical jump

Player A. 4.56sec 40

Player B. 4.9sec 40

Player A. 4:55 Fran

Player B. 4:40 Fran

Give and Take, one guy might be faster, the other guy stronger, one guy jumps higher, but the other guy is taller, both are CrossFitters (obvy). So what do we look at? VO2 max? who can play harder? who is more resilient to injury? CrossFit defines fitness in 10 domains, that cover everything, including coordination  accuracy (body control etc.) so being good at stuff is something we also consider a measure of fitness. To see who is the Fitter Basketball player we look at one thing that includes all of the Basketball Domains offense defense teamwork grit determination etc. What is the one thing that Basketball measures? Lets look at a Basketball WOD for what it is?

In 48 Minutes: As Many Reps as Possible (AMRAP)// BUCKETS!!!

Which Basketball player is Fitter? The one who won. 

If you're not scoring your workouts// Loads, times, scores, reps etc., how do you know if you're actually getting fitter?



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