Monday workout 10.26.15// Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movements

CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. There are a lot of functional movements and a lot of ways to achieve intensity; likewise, there are a lot of ways to constantly vary your workouts. One way, obviously not the only way, is simply by not knowing the workout before you come into the gym. Not a problem for those of you who don't check the workout beforehand (I don't even know why I addressed them, they wouldn't read this anyway.) This week, certainly not every week. We won't be posting the workout beforehand. You should know that nothing will be too terribly out of the ordinary. We'll be doing the usual elegant and potent couplets, triplets, chippers and at least one heavy day that we usually do, you just won't know beforehand. 

Why constantly varied? Is it Muscle Confusion to prevent plateaus like the wildly popular at-home DVD P80Q? Not by a long shot! One of the four models by which CrossFit tests fitness is the 'Hopper' model. It's the idea that if you put any human activity, sport, or exercise conceivable into a hopper, mixed it up really good and randomly pulled them out to test, the fittest people would consistently finish near the top no matter what comes out of the hopper. We train lots of different movements, time-domains, and loads because, "Athletes fail at the margin of their experience."- Gregg Glassman. It's far from the theory of muscle confusion. Constantly varied is about exposure and experience. Every workout is an opportunity to broaden the margin of your experience. 

So this week, if ya'll text us asking the workout, don't be offended when you get a cheeky response like, "wouldn't you like to know." or "It's written on the board, come and see." And no, you can't get it out of us by saying something like, "I need to know which pants or shoes to wear." Bring all your pants, bring all your shoes, bring long socks in case there's rope climbs, don't forget your jump rope, you might need your tape, yes you might barf so eat accordingly, no I won't give you a hint. 

Love ya'll, and even though there's no workouts posted this week, check back on the blog each day for more CrossFit education.

Devin JonesComment