Tuesday 10.27.15// Constantly Varied Continued

In yesterday's post, I discussed the 'hopper model' of fitness. And when we think of the hopper, people usually then ask or assume, "so the programming is all random right?" 

No, it's not random. Far from it.

Programming with a hopper or a dart board would actually serve as a good test of fitness from time to time, but inevitably we would miss some important pieces.

I think a cool thing about constantly varying the routine is that it naturally supports intensity, which is another vital piece of the equation. If on one day we program something long and very squatty, if we were to program something too similar the next day, those muscle groups or movement patterns may very well be too spent to re-visit without giving them much time to recover. And while programming a similar long and squatty workout on back to back days could be beneficial, we prefer to program something with an entirely different stimulus involving more pressing and pulling and a shorter time domain so you can go just as hard. This is also why our heavy days are spread apart by 3 or 4 workouts. You can recover from one stimulus and work another.

In the world of Programmers and Trainers we all incorporate our own interpretation of Constantly Varied. Some gyms follow a stellar model of constantly varied in their Metabolic Conditioning, but also follow periodized strength specific programs. We take a little pride (which is stupid because it's just really geeky/ programming nerds are just buffer versions of star-wars geeks) in programming Old School CrossFit. So far, ya'll are getting stronger and fitter across the 10 domains on the OG CrossFit Prescription, so for now we'll keep it going. Once we hit some plateaus, we'll reconsider. 

Here's a hint for tomorrow- It's metabolic conditioning, not a heavy day.

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