Know your Fitness domains- Accuracy// Wednesday 6.17.15


4 Rounds not timed//

5 Strict chin ups

4 Cartwheels/ direction

6 strict dips- on rings or boxes


8 Minutes

AMRAP Ab-mat Situps

EMOM 5 Pushups

rest 1 Minute

8 Minutes

AMRAP Lunges

EMOM 5 Pushups

Knowing the 10 fitness domains is really important. At least we think so! By increasing your work capacity across each fitness domain, all of the indicators of good health become better. And if we can separate the domains//explain them, discuss them, identify them etc., we can program very particularly to make sure we're hitting all of them in our training.

With Facebook, its really hard to sift through the b.s.! Articles titled the "10 power moves you need to do in the gym" or "3 exercise to blast your butt!" whatever that means. At Harvest, Mac and I continually educate ourselves, but our discussions return to the CrossFit definition of fitness and the philosophy of Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movements. Will something increase our work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Our dinner or driving conversation often returns to, "so and so, is missing this part of their squat, what should we program to help them?" Without a solid understanding of the Domains, we're all just shooting in the dark!

Monday's blog was about Cardiovascular-Respiratory Endurance// The sustained delivery of oxygen and blood!

Today// Accuracy.

You mean like throwing a dart?// Well, yah that is one way to think of it.

So you throw darts at CrossFit?// Well no, but here is how accuracy is expressed in the gym, and sport. Here are some fancy words for ya: Proprioception and Kinesthetic Awareness, which both just mean your ability to feel where or what your body is doing in space. Everyone has some degree of Proprioception. Now Accuracy is simply the movement expression of Proprioception. The degree to which how precisely we can move our own bodies or an external object or load. We might not be throwing darts, but it does take the same proprioception and precision to sling a barbell.

Accuracy is also very important for learning new movements and perfecting the ones we can do. Responding to verbal cues requires Accuracy. "Drop your Hips a bit." "You're pulling early with your arms, keep them straight." "Press your knees out." When you hear these cues and respond, you are expressing the domain of accuracy.

Accuracy// the expression of proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.


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