Thursday 6.18.15 workout//Stamina- Cardio's badass older brother

Weight Lifting//

Front Squat//


So far we've covered: Cardiovascular Respiratory Endurance- Efficiency of oxygen and blood delivery. Accuracy- Controlling movement in specific directions and intensities. 

Today we'll build on Endurance and talk about Stamina. Behind every good man is a better woman! And what most people think of as Cardio Endurance, is actually stamina// Our ability to utilize stored energy for any period of time. Its really easy to describe stamina in terms for the endurance athlete. All endurance sports are is a competition to see who can maintain efficient and fast postures the longest. Like I said before, when running a long distance, our limiter isn't usually our wind, it's usually some muscle or body part.

For the CrossFit athlete good stamina means long unbroken sets, and slowing down very little. Maintaining good form longer.

For the football player, good stamina means maintaining full speed on every down. Golf// scoring shots on late holes. Bowling even// Frame 30 looks as good as frame 1. 

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