Competitors Fueling/Hydration/Movement

It's the Eve of the Gobbler Gauntlet, we have 21 athletes competing, and we've gotten a lot of questions about what today and tomorrow should look like. 

FUELING// Today, you should be thinking about performance. Tomorrow you'll be moving intensly... A lot! Like way more than you are used to, even if you are one who does multiples in a day (which none of you are to my knowledge- also we don't recommend or prescribe it). You'll feel the best tomorrow if you are in a "caloric surplus" for today. an easy number to shoot for would be doubling your resting metabolic rate from the bod-pod. Devin is shooting for 5,000 calories today! Try to hit your number before the evening too because a late night carb binge leaves you bloated, sore, and hungry in the morning. Make sure half or more of those calories are Carbohydrate. Your best starchy Carb hierarchy is Potatoes first, then rice, then oatmeal, quinoa, or beans. Stick to what you know won't make you sore tomorrow. If you don't know how your body responds to grains or beans, stick to the potatoes. Don't hear, "coach said carbs, so I'm going to Dougnutville for lunch!" Or else you'll immediately regret it!

FUELING// Tomorrow, eat a normal breakfast with fat, carbs, and protein. Drink your normal coffee and feel good about the first event. After that though, you need carbs and protein, mainly carbs! Eat as much as possible without feeling sick or uncomfortable. Ride that line to the very edge! Also, avoid fat throughout the day because it slows the digestion process. You want to top off those glycogen stores as fast as possible so you aren't trying to digest during or right before the next event. You can drink these carbs. A great combo is a protein shake made with coconut WATER and a whole piece of your favorite fruit. And repeat after each workout. Watch as everyone else walks around like zombies because they're running off of hard boiled eggs and a handful of nuts. Hit that carb train like a cheat day, and you'll feel like a million bucks, or at least as good as you can feel after working out harder than you ever have, 4 times in one day!

Hydration// Today, drink an oz of non-alcoholic liquid per lb of bodyweight, spread throughout the day. no Coffee or stimulants after Noon today so you can fall asleep normally.

Tomorrow, drink when you're thirsty.  Don't make a big deal about it. Don't fuss about electrolyte balance or other science rooted in making you spend money on Gatorade or sports drinks.


Movement// Today's workout on the board can be considered active recovery. Do it or don't do it. There's a lot of benefit to inactive recovery. Either way, don't fret about making the right decision, there's benefits to both so either choice is good. 

Sleep// Tonight, good sleep hygiene includes, no smart phone or computer after 7:30pm. Wind down with a bath or reading. Lay in bed and fall asleep slowly. No sleep aids like Melatonin, NyQuil, or alcohol.


We're really excited about the whole day! You guys are going to have a lot of fun! 

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