2.26.16 CrossFit Open 16.1!!! It's here!

Because of the logistical issues with tomorrow's workout, note the following!

1. The AM classes are normal, 5am, 6:30am, 8:30am and noon, but only athletes registered for the Open will do 16.1.

2. The Gym will be open from 3pm-8:30pm for Open Judging. We will have a suggested warm-up posted and we'll run heats throughout the evening. Come in, warm up on your own and rock 16.1!

3. In the evening, If you're not doing the Open, you'll also have the suggested warmup and a workout to complete between 3:00pm and 8:30pm.

4. We will also have time for athletes to do the workout after the 9:30am class on Saturday.

5. Lets not try to re-do this one, so make sure to give it your all the first time!

6. Let us know if you would like to do the workout at a non-class time tomorrow. Call or text Mac or Devin.

Check out the workout at..

For athletes not competing in the OPEN//


Sumo Deadlift


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