Bod Pod on Monday!

To compliment Harvest's Lifestyle Academy, Body Pod Pros will be at HCF on Monday! You have the opportunity to get your body composition tested in a Bod Pod! This  method is incredibly accurate, hard to come by, and usually very expensive! If you want to have your body composition tested and learn some other cool things about your body, go to, read and watch a video about the bod pod, and then sign up! You can sign up for a single session, but I want to encourage you to sign up for the 2X Bod Pod Tests. Body Pod Pros will be coming back after 6 weeks to test us again and show you your improvement! They're giving us a deal because if our group!  Sign up with Devin or me at the gym tomorrow or Friday, and we'll give you the coupon code to register online. 

This is so exciting! I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!  

Thursday's WOD was posted Sunday night! Don't forget to wear your long socks!

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