Get set...

Got your partner for the first week of HCF Lifestyle Academy yet?! It starts Monday!  Here is the focus for the first week: you have to document everything you eat or drink Monday- Sunday. Get yourself a cute little journal (my personal fav) or an app on your phone that will make it way easy for you. We need to know what it was, and how much. This doesn't mean you need to weigh and measure your food, but you will need to document to the best of your knowledge, the measurement. For example, my dinner just consisted of about 5 cups of kale, 3 eggs, and a quarter cup of salsa. It's not a secret that what we're trying to get you to do here is be more consious of what you fuel your body with. Go ahead, drink that Coke, Rick; eat that cookie, MacLarin; eat that Fererro Rocher, Jess, but do you really want to write that down and show your partner and coach? Maybe not. You will get a point for showing a coach your previous day (1), a point for having written everything down (1), and a point for writing down the measurements/approximations of volume of food it was (1). 3 points each day. Can't make it to the gym? Email//text//snapchat a picture of your previous day to a coach to get the points. You will get a scorecard on Monday to keep track of your points for the week. 

Also! I'm so excited for the Bod Pod on Monday and I know you are too! Let Devin or me know if you want to do the 1X test (Monday) or the 2X test (Monday and again in 6 weeks). I will give you all a discount code tomorrow evening to go in and register for a time on the bodypodpros website. Speaking of which, if you still aren't sure what the Bod Pod is, go to and watch a video to learn more. This opportunity is not limited to members only- your spouses and friends can register for the HCF event as well. 

Deadlifts tomorrow... And all the people said...? Thank you, Jesus, it's not a MetCon! 😂  If you're competing this weekend, come get your mobility on! Coach's orders. 

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