Bod Pod Sign Ups

1. Go to and click the "testing process" tab. 

2. Read the WHOLE PAGE then select the orange "schedule appointment" button

3. You can purchase the 1X Test for HARVEST CROSSFIT for $30 by clicking on 1X BOD POD TEST @ Harvest CrossFit by clicking it and using code $10OFFHARVEST.

If you want to purchase the 2X Test so you can get retested when they come back in 6 weeks, scroll down to "Gift Certificates" and select the 2X Test. Follow the instructions and enter the code $5OFFHARVEST in the provided box. THEN! It will show you a new coupon code that you can take back to the "testing process" tab, click "schedule appointment", click "redeem coupon or gift certificate", enter that code you received after the first transaction and select 1X BOD POD TEST @ Harvest CrossFit that should say it costs $0.00. When you choose this option, you'll choose the date, the 15th, and then choose your 15 minute time slot. Continue filling out the last page of info, and you're done! Keep in mind, this is TWO SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS. The first costs $65, the second costs $0.

I can't wait! And don't forget to choose your partner for the HCF Lifestyle Academy as well as get your journal or app for food logging next week!

Questions? Call or text Mac. 509.859.3779


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