Week 2 HCFLA

Alright guys! You've all learned that you're probably not eating enough protein after writing it down all week. Week 2 is building off of week 1 in that you now need to track the grams of protein you're eating. How do you know how much you need? Well, some of you did the Bod Pod, and Jaques probably told you a number. You can use his recommendation or you can use the zone prescription based off of measurements. If you need to do measurements, the measuring tape will be on the counter in the front room. Ask Devin or MacLarin what to measure and how to find your protein prescription. Once you know your number, you may want a fancy app like "Lose it" to keep track of your grams for you, otherwise you'll need to do some research for your journal. There are 4 points available each day for week 2. 1. Show a coach

2. Write down everything

3. Write down how much of everything, just like this week.  

4. Hitting your protein grams- you can go over, just not under.  

Start asking around for a new partner and make sure your partner from this week is on track! Remember, you win as a team! The winners from this week will be announced on Monday night in the blog. 

Questions? Ask Dev or Mac

THURSDAY 8.18.16

StrIct Press 3X3

Push Press 3X3

Push Jerk 3X3

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