It's Chelsea's and Jon's Birthday tomorrow! Woo! We're so blessed to have those two as part of HCF. The workout will have nothing to do with the date, but they'll get to show off their skills with some Bench Press! Be sure to wish them Happy Birthday!

Build to a 1RM Bench Press

Then 6X3 at 85% of that 1RM

Reminder to sign up for your Bod Pod time slot on bodypodpros.com. If you missed out the first time, you can still sign up for a single test for September's visit.

Congratulations to those who learned how to hit their protein last week! And a special congrats to those who hit it EVERY DAY! I'm happy to say that most of you consistently earned 4 points! If you paid into the challenge and got 28 points last week, grab yourself a LifeAid Bev out of the cooler and just tell a coach. This week is a bit harder with 5 points at stake everyday, but you can do it and your body will thank you! Remember to eat smart carbs and space them out throughout the day WITH some protein. Don't let that protein fall by the wayside, or you'll be counterproductive. 


September 12th// First day of New You program! If you see some unfamiliar faces, say, "Hi!" These women are being very courageous coming to workout alongside all you meat-heads ;)

September 17th// Calapooia CrossFit Functional Fitness Challenge! It's an awesome 1st competition (way informal and oh so fun!). You can do one or all of the workouts and there's just a $30 suggested donation. Let us know if you're planning on coming so we can tell Calapooia how many will be representing HCF. 

September 24th// Come support your friends at Wodtoberfest! We have at least 3 teams signed up, a couple of which will be their first competition! 

September 26th&27th// Bod Pod 

Put it on your calendar*** October 22nd// Harvest Party// Evites coming soon

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