10.18.17// Weekenditis- The cheat day


4 Rounds

Row 500m

5 Squat Snatch 135/95

-rest as needed between rounds, record each round time-

-compare to June 28. "Row Snatch" in your zenplanner library-

When writing about food, I think I cover this topic a lot because it's my biggest personal struggle, so you should understand that I'm not coming from a place of judgement, but from a position of understanding and sympathy!

Weekenditis. Happens almost every weekend, if not every weekend. You're the person who is "on the wagon" Monday morning through Friday afternoon. I really think eating well during the week is actually pretty easy for most of you. The weekend is where we all struggle. Today, I'll cover one form of weekenditis- Cheat Day!

Cheat day- most commonly Sunday. Sometimes saturday or friday night. Often times spanning, 5:00pm Friday-10:00pm Sunday. You do it because your friends do it. Or your diet recommends a re-feed day. Begins with special breakfast you don't normally have. Your spouses famous waffles, breakfast at Annete's, or the Brunch at the Winery. The afternoon is snacking on the stuff that shouldn't be in the house, but you're good at not eating it during the week. The evening is anxiety because it's back on the wagon tomorrow so you cram down a bit more to hold you over until next Sunday. 

You can do everything to rationalize a cheat day, but lets face it, overindulging is counter productive and even makes us anxious or depressed. You're just stoked about bacon mac and cheese, and then not feeling so hot when that little bit of bloat makes your belt fit a little tighter. "all of my progress, gone!"

Being 100% all the time is not a lifestyle that I want, nor is it even the least bit realistic. You might be surprised about this strategy for avoiding the cheat day form of weekenditis. That is to give yourself the freedom to indulge anytime!

Here's the catch, you have to eat the food you know you should eat first and you have to eat it slowly and mindfully. You made your extra special tater-tot casserole for your family. You can totally have some, as much as you want in fact. First though you need to eat a full serving of vegetables and a serving of protein. Eat it slowly and mindfully. Are you still hungry, sure have some casserole, or a the cinnamon roll or the beer or ice cream. When this is your mentality all the time, the week doesn't feel like rules or a chore or a diet. And when you have this healthier relationship with food, you can go into Sunday with the same mentality. If you think of a burrito as a Saturday only thing, you will certainly have it on Saturday. If it's a possibility any day of the week, Saturday isn't so monumental.





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