101917// Conjugate Methods Heavy Days


1rm Wide Stance Box Squat

Special Exercises// 

5x5 Glute-Ham Raise

3x 20 Banded Belt Squat+20 Hug Good Morning 50/30

1x100 each side dumbbell split leg deadlift 30/20

Max effort GHD hold  

*for the sake of time and management you can complete the special exercises in any order so long as you finish all the sets and reps of one exercise before moving along. 



Anytime we go to a training seminar, it’s impossible not to come back excited about coaching and wanting to implement all the stuff we’ve learned. This Conjugate Methods course was no different and you probably have already noticed some changes in the programming- primarily how we go about heavy day. Lots of special exercises aka accessories and some crazy numbers! 100 of what?!?! Trust me the reps aren’t for shock-and-awe, it’s part of the method!

Constantly varied is a cornerstone piece of the CrossFit Trinity. Routine is the enemy and using Westside Conjugate Methods drives that variance to a new level. Tomorrow we’re box squatting, and if you think about it, it doesn’t seem like it’s as functional as like a regular back squat. That’s only if you hold on to the belief that functional movement is only mimicking life movements. Anyone who has taken a high school weights class has heard the coach say something to the tune of, “well we only do it this way because on the field it looks like this.” There’s an assumption that we’re box squatting just in case some heavy load pinned you to a chair and you needed to stand up. The likelyhood of that is small and barbells are rare in nature. We’re actually just box squatting because having really strong legs makes you a lot better at kicking ass.  The same goes for the accessory work. The GHD doesn’t exist in nature, but really strong hamstrings keep you out of the nursing home longer! “Oh no! I’m caught in this dip belt with a band around my feet and I need to do some squats! Welp good thing we’ve done this at CrossFit.” 

Keith, who ran the seminar, said probably 80 times, “The only limit is your creativity!” So far I haven’t referenced a bank of exercises. I’ve ran with some ideas they presented, but expect to learn new accessory or versions of accessories often!

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