102017// Tough People


Happy Birthday John! 


+ Friday Fun-Day!  After the WOD, choose your own adventure

A. Low intensity steady state cardio- Row 20:00 slowy

B. Swole and Flexy- follow along with a RomWod

C. Functional Body Building upper body- 3x10-15 barbell curl to supinate Press, 3x20 Close grip upright row, 3x15 lateral raise,  3x15-20 tricep kick back, accumulate 50-100 GHD sit-up or 100 AbMat sit up.


Whenever I'm 'selling' Harvest CrossFit to potential athletes, something I always mention is that, "CrossFit is really hard, so the people who stick around at HCF are inevitably sweethearts. Ego's don't last very long." That's not to say that anyone who has left HCF had an Ego, it just warrants to prove that unless you're willing to experience some humility, this probably isn't a place you'll want to spend your time. I really feel like this is still very true. This fall I haven't had the opportunity to connect with a lot of you as much as I would like because of the teens class or mighty mites football. So it's safe to say that I don't tell you enough, you are all very tough people!

Nobody complains. There is certainly a lot that you could complain about. You've been using a porta-potty for the past 3 weeks. Sometimes I'm short tempered with your kids. Sometimes I have a bad attitude with you even. We brought in a trainer to sublease our space and now we have to share sometimes. The music doesn't change often. Parking sucks. One of the best barbells is bent. We don't always have class on Saturdays. And if we go on vacation we have a funky schedule.

We have over 100 unique personalities at HCF and somehow you guys don't bat a lash about stuff that multiple people would complain about at any other gym or business. You really make it a joy to be here! The culture you create does more than Mac and I could ever do to make this place successful! Here's the things that need to keep happening. (Don't think that I'm suggesting that any of these things aren't happening as much as they should though)

1. Being nice to each other 

2. Working hard

3. Encouraging each other

4. Creating friendships outside the gym

5. Not gossiping

6. Friendly Competition

Anyways. You guys are awesome and very tough. Just wanted to remind you!


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