102517// Be taller

Heavy Day//

1rm Strict Press

1rm Push Press

Special Exercises

2x25, 1xMax Effort "1/2 push ups" 

3x12 Ring Rows+20 Band Pull Apart 

3x12 Chest supported upward rotation and press

3x20 Bradford Press 45/35

1x150 banded overhead tricep extension 


If you have 20 minutes check out this great Ted Talk. If you don’t, spoiler, the main theme is that our posture is really important, not just for our human structure, but research might suggest even hormonally. And we might be able to effect our hormones by being intentional about our postures. 

The main place where I see posture effecting our performance is your upper back extension particularly in the front rack and supporting a load overhead. You may be tight in the shoulders, but you’re also likely rounded in your upper back more so than you should be. Your t-spine does have a curve, but that is exaggerated through sitting, slouching and leaning forward. Tall people are the worst! I understand, being a taller woman or an excessively taller man isn’t always fun and you likely spent your your younger years slouching so you don’t tower over everyone. You especially need to just be as tall as you are and own it! You rule and don’t need to come down to our level.  


Otherwise be be conscious of your upper back when you’re sitting. Sit tall, extend your chest when you can. Your positions will thank you

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