102617// Behaviors vs outcomes



30 Wall Balls 30/20

20 Burpees

Row Calories

-Full-ish Rest-


15 Wall Balls 30/20

10 Burpees

Row Calories

- score is total calories

In PN coaching, which is the program we follow for Harvest Habits, a common theme we revisit often is the focus on behaviors versus outcomes.  The changes we need to make to become healthier and leaner people are easier than we think but take longer than we expect. So the key is consistency. Not perfection, but consistency. So how does behaviors and outcomes fit into that concept? The truth is you can’t decide the outcome of anything. What you can do is focus on the things that are in your own scope of influence. Control what you can control. 

It’s an old mantra that we lived by when I coached at EHS. We want to win, but it’s football, literally anything can happen. Play as hard as you can, do your best to complete your responsibility, and let’s see what happens. 

It’s fitness. We want to shrink our love handles, look better in our skinny jeans, get stronger, and faster, But you don’t get to choose the way you carry the weight you have and there’s no way to quantify what strength or speed numbers to expect. There’s a lot you can control though. Eat Whole or minimally processed foods for most of your meals. Eat lean protein, vegetables, smart carbohydrates, and healthy fats at every meal. Eat slowly and mindfully to 80% full. Try to sleep 8 hours a night. Have healthy and meaningful friendships and relationships. In no way am I claiming that it’s easy to release your grasp on outcomes, but you should also understand how liberating it is to not worry about outcomes. When things don’t go the way you planned them, it’s really frustrating. I am the worst at this. I’ll have a plan worked up in my brain and I’ll have these expectations, sometimes it’s a little frustrating- whatever- but a lot of the time, I’m devastated. If we can just do our best to be a little bit better at our habits or a little more consistent, we’re less likely to get frustrated when things are taking longer than we expect. And if you can talk yourself through setbacks or plateaus, you’re less likely to loose hope, quit, bail on a good thing, or be persuaded by the latest miracle diet.

Eat Whole Foods most of the time, train hard, attack your weaknesses, give lots of high fives, and let’s see what happens!

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