10.4.17//Holiday Foods


For time

40 Box Jumps

Run Front Door to Back door

30 Dumbell Snatch 50/30


100 AbMat Sit Up


30 Dumbell Shoulder to overhead 50/30


80 Air Squats


Halloween. It's coming up. You're a social butterfly. Two party invites. The party you're hosting. The night of Halloween. Leftover Halloween candy. The decorative Halloween candy dish at work. Your kid's Halloween bucket. Society has not set you up for successful eating. 

1. That candy that is your weakness. It is really not that special. Somehow I always convince myself, "oh man look, peanut-butter cups! I better have one now, this is my only chance." It's a pretty unreasonable notion. We live in America. I guarantee that that isn't the last peanut butter cup on earth. There will be plenty of other opportunities if you truly want one.

2. That candy that is your weakness. It really only takes a hold of you IF you get a taste of it! You gotta know your limits and which foods send you off the deep end. The only time in 33 years of life that I ate only one cookie was when there was only one cookie. One cookie off of a plate full of cookies is inevitably as many cookies as I can eat without being rude....and even then...

3. Pre-funking is a classic behavior bordering a drinking problem. Pre-funking food is a less known behavior and also a sign of disordered eating. Lets be honest, neither work for what you think it's working for. 

4. Your aunt who makes you feel bad about not eating her home-made whatever is dealing with her own self worth issues. Tell her no thank you, but let her know that you love her just as much. If she pushes more, ask her, "I appreciate your gesture truly, but can you tell me why it's so important that I eat this food?" If you're the pusher, back the hell off! If me eating your stupid pie is the only thing that will make you feel good about yourself, get a new hobby. If your aunt is dying and this is the last time you're going to see her... eat the pie.

5. Don't worry about being perfect. The opposite of perfect is, "eff it!" If a truly special piece of food crosses your path, and you just gotta have it, have it. Just don't beat yourself up over it, but also don't try to justify it! Lets say at the party, there are bowls full of chips, cheap candy, and your sisters world famous candied apples and you choose the apple. Awesome! Tell yourself, "Wow that caramel Apple was truly enjoyable, I'm satisfied with that experience!" rather than, "Oh crap, had a caramel Apple, guess it's back on the wagon Monday, gimme those Doritos!"

Lets get rid of the idea of the wagon this party season. There are winter competitions to prepare for! You can't enjoy the season fully if you're "on-it," because not eating sweets ever just sucks. And if you're in "who cares" mode, you get fluffy real fast, also not enjoyable. 


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