10.5.17// Some Announcements



3 Minutes DB front rack lunge 50/30

3 Minutes Sandbag Over the Shoulder 100/80

2 Minutes DB Lunge

2 Minutes SBOTS

1 Minute DB Lunge

1 Minute SBOTS


This week, you may have noticed quite a few new faces showing up to work out at the end of your class! We have an awesome opportunity to share our space with Jordan Tilley's Motivation Studios. Jordan is a trainer and has found his niche coaching masters athletes. He's a sweetheart and his clients love him a lot. Really, that's all you need to know- he's really mainly using the space in our off hours. 6:30pm will be sharing the space, but that's the cool thing about our new building, there's plenty of space to share! If you're interested, check out his yoga or Piyo classes at 7:40pm. His pricing structure is just per class. 

Speaking of sharing the space, you guys have done an awesome job of working with co-existing classes. The 6am with the teens and 5:30pm with the Oly class. Be on the lookout for Harvest Power starting in November too! It will be a course dedicated to Conjugate Methods, which I'll go into later, but it's basically the power lifting methodology that aligns perfectly with CrossFit. Will you get stronger? Yup! Will you get bulky? I sure hope so! It's going to be so freaking rad I almost explode whenever I think about it! Sorry this blog post wasn't attempting any refreshing nuggets. Sometimes you just need the news! 


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