10.6.17// Just a little bit better!


10 Minute AMRAP

4 Burpees

4 Toes to Bar

Run 100m



We've all gone on a crash diet! Ok most of you. How did that work? Did you reach your goal weight? You probably worked down to fit into a dress for your friend's wedding or bikini for vacation, you looked great... and then went ham on some little meatballs at the reception or margaritas daily on the beach. You're a human, you should be enjoying wedding food and vacation drinks, but we often go back to our pre-diet life on Monday. That is the problem with diets. They're seasonal. They're short term. You can only hang on for so long. Even if you wanted to be completely shredded up like a magazine model, they're only there for a short season, sometimes even only for a day.

You can try to have the mental fortitude and persistence to get to that place from where you're at now, but you're fighting against biology. Good luck! 

We know from science that counting your macros and aligning them with your activity and goals all while eating organic, local, and ethically sourced foods at every single meal can give you your ideal body! We know from experience that you're not likely to succeed at all of that though.

Here's a little secret. All of that stuff works, but it's not even close to realistic, nor is it even necessesary. Much more important than making huge and dramatic change in your life is developing small consistent habits. If you can't walk past the candy dish at work without having a deep and moral conversation with yourself, how do you plan on eating perfectly macronutrient-balanced pre-cooked all-paleo meals every day until your abs show up? 

Start small and where you're at. Don't eat veggies? Try starting with just adding veg to ONE meal of your day.  

Or try going to bed at a decent hour without scrolling Facebook for a couple hours before hand. 

It could be as simple as eating a piece of fruit every afternoon when you're grumpy and tired rather than a Rockstar.  

And we're nearing the weekend, which is great. Try starting a small healthy habit on Friday night or Saturday. The habit is too big and daunting if you can't do it on a Friday or Saturday.

"Whoa! Hands off Friday night! That's wings night!" Don't get it twisted, have your wings! A small easy habit could mean eating a portion of veggies with dinner. I'm personally working on eating slow. It's hard! But when I eat slow and give my hormones the chance to tell me I'm satisfied, and I can stop eating when mortal humans stop eating. And this is what I do to set myself up. I tell myself "Order x, eat it slow. If it is really not enough food, you can order more." I've never ordered more. Otherwise, I can eat all of your food, all of it. You can also order your beer to come with dinner, rather than early. Those sneaky bitches want you to get a little loosened up so you order more food and drinks than you would have! Remember your trip to Mexico? Oh a free shot? And Next thing you know it, you just bought 4 fake rolexes and a decorative plate.

Small-Consistent. Small-consistent. Small-Consistent. 

I don't know who this dude is but W. Clement Stone nailed it when he said, "Little hinges swing big doors."

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