Dallas is small, and you can't stay away from Safeway or Starbucks forever. You'll bump into me sooner or later. It always goes down like this. (Oh shoot, he saw me.) "Oh hey Devin! Eerrr, I've been really meaning to get back into the gym, I know it's been a while, I've been really busy, you know just swamped, and my dog ate my homework." 

"Well I didn't need to know all of that, but how's the kids?"

You were once excited about CrossFit! Consistent, seeing progress, stoked! But then life happens, get a little busy, sleep in once or twice, some setback, and soon enough the thought of going back sounds too painful! First of all, no matter how long you've been out of the game, we want to see you back! No judgement!  I know that doesn't make it sound less painful.

Yesterday, the blog topic was about starting small habits. The same is true for your exercise. If you're busy, we totally get that. Check your schedule this Sunday and choose just one class or two that you can make it to. Don't wait until your days are wide open, look to just sneak one or two in next week to start back up! 

Maybe you're really consistent. Like 4, 5, or even six times a week, but things are getting a little boring. Yes even CrossFit, which is new every day, can get monotonous. 1. Try eating more...dare I say it? Carbohydrate! I don't mean smashing Apple Jacks. Add some more fruit or maybe beans to the mix. Eat them slow and until your mood improves. Your intuitive body just doesn't even want to move without the fuel. 

 You could set small finite goals. "I'm going to do 2 rounds of the AMRAP as Rx, but then I'm going to scale." Or, "I think I can stay ahead of KyLee for the first minute." 

 Maybe you could call a another bud who also needs to get things amped back up! In other words use the buddy system and find out when that face you love to see is working out and show up to class with them. A crowd loves a crowd! 

 Sign up for one of the upcoming competitions and give yourself something else to work towards. Actually it wouldn’t even have to be a fitness competition. You could train for a Spartan race or a 5k. 

Whatever you decide to do, try to remind yourself why you first fell in love with CrossFit! 

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