111517// When you eat, eat all 3...no wait 4!



Sumo Deadlift High Pull & Burpee

30 Double Unders After each round

When you eat, try to intentionally eat protein, fat, and carbohydrate. We know and we’ve discussed why these macronutrients are important alone, but they also work together. Think of them like gears on a bike or motorcycle connected by a chain. (“But Devin there’s just two gears connected by the chain on a bike.” “Ok shut up, this is a 3 wheeled bike.”) So sometimes we want certain gears to be larger or even really small in some cases— different ratios can be helpful. Generally though, including all 3 macronutrients helps each other macronutrient serve its purpose better. 

Sart with Carbohydrate— stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver and then as fat. By itself it’s easy to overeat to the point where the excess is stored in your waistline, but eating fat and protein is satiating and can help fill you up before you overload on the carb.

Protein— a building block for not just skeletal muscle, but all your cells, it gets shuttled around to the correct places when insulin rises to store away glycogen in your muscles. Your insulin rises anytime you eat, but the protein you eat is less likely to be converted to glycogen if there is already glycogen to be stored— i.e. if you eat carbohydrate. Eating fat with your protein, which is easy if you’re eating any animal source of protein, makes it much more palatable. Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful in protein synthesis (helps your cells put it to use). 

Fat— a regulator of hormones and tasty maker. It’s slow digesting and it also slows your digestion of carbohydrates, a really important way it regulates your hormones, insulin, leptin, ghrelin and others. Carb by itself can potentially raise your blood sugar quickly, but fat regulates how quickly that carb gets digested. A lot of important vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are predominately in the colorful carbs you eat are fat soluble too(the need fat to do their thang!).

Whoa! That was a little bit sciency. What do I even do with that? 

If you’re new to the healthy eating scene, just start with this. At least one meal of the day, make sure you eat a meat, a carbohydrate, and a fat. Oh and for carbohydrate, specifically eat some vegetable...that makes 4 like the title of the post.

-Chicken -Asparagus -Cashews -a Banana

Are you a Macro-Pro? Up your game and consider your energy needs. Waking up, going to work and sitting at a desk doesn’t require a ton of glycogen. Eat a breakfast higher in protein and fat and have a small piece of fruit. Waking up and working out in a half hour? Maybe you should consider more and faster carbs to get revved up for your session. 

Everbody though would be served well by some more servings of veg each day! 

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