111617// Don’t ask “Am I doing this right?”

Heavy Day// 

-10:00 to find your 1 rep max Squat Snatch

-12:00 EMOM 2 Squat Snatch @ 70% of today’s max

-3x12 Straight Leg Snatch Grip Deadlift with the weight from the EMOM

What is so special about the Barbell Snatch? As far as movements or exercises, it’s just the pinnacle expression of almost every fitness domain. Speed, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, balance, accuracy, and agility. 8 out of 10?! Only stamina and cardio endurance are missing.

With arms stretched wide, you must pull a heavy barbell off the ground only far enough to pull your body underneath into a dangerously deep squat and balancing that bar overhead and hoping to stand up straight supporting that bar so it doesn’t crash down and crush your body! 

There are fewer men who can Snatch 300bs than can throw a 90mph fast ball. Fewer women can snatch over 200lbs than have hit hole in ones. The number of people who are truly proficient in the Snatch are easily outnumbered by kids who have bowled perfect 300 games. It’s as technical as a golf swing... with a heavy barbell.

“Am I doing this right?.....” that’s a good question if you also happen to have a lifetime for us to work on it!  Imagine your kid’s first time writing their name, “did I do it right mommy?....” Sure Sweety, you used letters!

No matter where you’re at— writing your name in chicken scratch with the fat crayon, or writing in calligraphy with a fancy pen. What makes you better is just reps! Over and over again and your body will groove into some really efficient movement. Whoever is coaching will make it around and give cues as we see them. Shouting, “hey coach, tell me what I’m doing wrong,” Is counterproductive because if we addressed everything wrong with say MacLarin’s technique (which is pretty sound), there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It’s as technical as a golf swing, but a good snatch feels even better than an awesome shot! 

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