11917// Comp Day Food

20:00 AMRAP

12 Med Ball Clean

10 Burpee Box Get Over

Run 500m (1 lap) 

wear a 20/14 vest (competitors can’t wear a vest) 


Praise God for functioning bathrooms! You all were such troopers during that fiasco. If you see any of those Public Works guys around town, give them a pat on the back because they basically dug up the whole parking lot in order to replace the pipes to our building!


This Saturday after the competition, the gym will be open for hanging out and celebrating. Let's be honest, there will probably be pizza, and we'll have a family friendly movie on in case your kiddos (or you) want to watch that too! The time is TBD because of finals.


Christmas is coming! I'm not ashamed to tell you that I lit a Christmassy candle and watched The Grinch this morning while cleaning the house! Since it's so close, you need to know now that the Harvest Christmas Party will be on December 16th! More details are coming, but mark your calendars for that evening.


Remember the Dallas Adopt a Family we did last year? Well, we're doing it again, but with WAY more notice than last year! We will be adopting two big families and have the opportunity to bless them with a Christmas meal and gifts for their children. As soon as I get the information, I'll make available the needs for the families. This is going to be so awesome!


Are any of you fascinated with CrossFit? Are you interested to learn more about why we do what we do, how you can improve, or about becoming a coach? Well the most obvious way to start is of course, coming to class consistently. There's a reason why some of you studs are so good at coaching yourselves or fellow athletes-- you know what you're talking about because you see it everyday! Beyond this though, there is a CrossFit Course called the Level 1 Seminar, a term which you may have heard thrown around at the gym. It is a weekend-long course that dives into the methodology and application of CrossFit. Chances are you've heard snip-its from coaches already, and if you've been doing CrossFit for at least 6 months, you'd be pleasantly surprised at how much you've already been exposed to the material!

This weekend Matt Mosley is going to the Level 1 Course, and we eventually want him to be a part of our coaching team! Beginning next week, Matt will start by shadowing, then co-coaching, and eventually will coach classes by himself. We know that his presence and abilities bring a lot to Harvest CrossFit and are excited to see how his influence encourages each of you in your journey toward improved fitness. As always, we want to help our coaches be the best they can be, so if you have any concerns about coaching, please come to Devin or me. Otherwise, give them, especially Matt, all the encouragement you can, because you all can be pretty scary sometimes ;) If you see Matt before this weekend, wish him luck!




Protein- Amino acids are builders

Fats- Triglycerides are regulators

Carbohydrates- Glycogen is Fuel

Building Regulating and Fueling. The 3 main macronutrients do play important roles in each of these. Fat can be used as fuel, but it’s really slow. Protein can be used as fuel, but at the cost of strength and muscle mass. Carbohydrates are jet fuel! Jet Fuel. Jet. Fuel.  

Breakfast- Normal meal, carbs, fats protein, coffee if you typically drink coffee. No “pre-workout” before the first event.

Immediately After Event 1- Protein shake with carb added. That can be a powdered carb. It could be coconut water or even a Gatorade. Protein-Carbs no fat. 

Between event 1 and 2- As much carbohydrate that you can comfortably stomach without barfing it up in the second event. This is also when you would sip a FitAid if you want. I will caution you with this though. Consider how much gluten or grains you think you can tolerate. If you do your best to keep it paleo like 80% or better, choosing comp day to give a bagel a shot might not be a great idea. Keep this carb consistent with your typical food tolerances. 

Before Event 2- Now is the time you would want a pre-workout supplement if you like those. Read the label and follow their suggested timing. 

After Event 2- ReFuel slowly with solid food. Eat slowly until your mood improves and stop. The second event is maximal and not as glycolitic, unless you’re the rower. You won’t need as much fuel topping as after the first event. 

After the 3rd event- If you made the final, you’re not going to be in the mood for anything but sleep. Don’t expect an appetite, but get something down. Small and fast digesting carbs.  

All day, drink water when thirsty. Don’t force hydration or over-do it. 


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