Heavy Day// 

Banded Speed Back Squat

12x2 @ 185, 155, 135, 115, 85, or 65

3x 10 GHR

     20 Sumo Straight Leg DL 165/100

     12 GHD Back Extension

1x100 RDL 65/45


Row 1k Fast


Row 1k Slow


I get a little overwhelmed, a little emotional when I consider that we have 13 teams competing! I feel really blessed to be a part of something that has made 39 people excited enough about their fitness to go and test it in front of a crowd (there’s probably more than that, but some of you just missed the boat this time, there will be others) It’s a really big deal! Many of you came to us and probably never really considered such a thing and now you’re going for it! 

Logistically, expect a long line in the morning to check in. Unfortunately, the earlier the better... even if your heat isn’t until like after 9am. We’ll have a camp set up in the stands near our normal spot. You can look for our banner.

Whether you’re going for a win or podium spot or if you’re just in it for the experience, I hope you enjoy it. Really, that is all you can do. You can’t choose your judge or the events.  There is a lot left to strategy, but strategize for fun too! You could do all the math figuring out the squats or breaking down the wall ball reps. Or you could just do the squat you like best! There is plenty of work to be done so share the load. You could be a hero, but maybe at the cost of one of your teammates feeling like they didn’t contribute.

Saturday is just a party and we’re all celebrating the progress you’ve made!  

Devin JonesComment