9.5.17 Food Relationship

Heavy Day//

Bench Press

5-5-5-5-5-5 @ 1 weight


Since the last newsletter, I've gotten a lot of interest in our nutrition coaching program! We're calling it Harvest Habits. As a gym we've done Paleo Challenges and Zone Challenges// other gyms promote Whole 30, and we have athletes trying out Keto and Low carb approaches. Everyone agrees that eating is vital to their fitness. Those challenges, and the special diets all achieve great results and our goal is ultimately find sustainability.

When I lost the majority of my weight and went from 320lbs-240lbs, I would describe my diet as lower carb, higher fat and protein, or as paleo as I thought I could be. (I didn't like vegetables, but loved bacon and eggs). It worked for going from 320-240 and really fast. But time has proven that it wasn't sustainable. Since opening Harvest, I basically starved down to 220, and Christmas binged back up to almost 250. My paleoish kick did a lot to educate me about nutrition, but very little in the way of addressing my unhealthy relationship with food. I can loose weight or gain weight if I really want to. But what I'm really interested in is a life where I'm not dieting on and off, and a life where eating clean doesn't sound like hell and having dessert doesn't send me into a deep depression the next day. 

This is an awesome program for anyone but especially anyone who:

-eats emotionally

-starts and stops new diets frequently

-thinks of foods as good foods or bad foods

-regularly says "back on the wagon Monday"

-thinks that looking, performing, and feeling their best are on opposite ends of a spectrum

-is willing to work on the basics

I plan on regularly blogging a lot of the information to help as many people as possible. Like CrossFit, this info is free. The value of the program is in the accountability, coaching and community!

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