9.6.17 CrossFit+Simplicity


7 Minute AMRAP

20 Face the Bar Burpee

20 Squat Clean Thruster 95/65

Rowing Calories


"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep food intake at levels that support intense exercise but not body fat."

That second part about keeping intake levels optimal is really hard to identify so the official nutrition plan endorsed by CrossFit HQ is the Zone diet by Dr. Barry Sears. I still believe that in practice, it is optimal for CrossFit athletes. The problem is that in practice, it is really freaking hard to maintain. Living out of Tupperware was not what I considered a high quality of life.

Precision Nutrition teaches a much simpler measuring strategy. Food quality, macro nutrient breakdown, and quantity are all very important for optimal nutrition, but needing a calculator to eat breakfast is a rough existence that I'm not interested in. Your own hand, believe it or not, turns out to be a great measuring tool. Here is an infographic to help guide you//


This info graphic gives some calorie amounts as references, but they're just that. You don't need to spend your day counting calories and macros when your hand is an awesome guide. And interestingly enough, if you did sit down and do the math, you'd find that the PN ratios roughly match the Zone ratios of 40% carb 30% pro 30% fat.

Many of you know the difference between a Protein, Carb, and Fat, but if you're confused, chat up a coach. No judgement! And of course, If this looks like something you want some closer guidance or coaching for, talk to me (Devin) about the program! 

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