9.7.17 "Good Enough"


Row 5 x :90 for total calories

Full rest between efforts


"I'm really an all or nothing type of guy. I gotta be all in." I've certainly said this before, and heard some form of it several times. We all want a magical doctor to know exactly what and how much to eat to show us every ab. And we want those foods to fit our beer and waffle cone obsessions too. Is that too much to ask? Hopefully you know by now that that person or service doesn't exist (some day...sigh). If you read the blog and saw the info graphic on Tuesday, you saw how restrictive and painful and uhealthy it is for most people to get magazine shoot ready (except for Leigh Anne..ggrrrr). And even when people do get that jacked and lean, it's likely only for a season. For every movie star that you envied in their bikini scene, there are 5 more pictures of them looking very "normal American" on vacation. And this is why. 

Our bodies are pretty darn good at 1. Not dying and 2. Preparing not to die during a famine. When we restrict calories too much, we're awesome at hanging on to energy, just in case we quit eating altogether. And lets say we are able to keep on restricting our food intake, we inevitably (and amazingly) get hungry enough that our body overcomes our willpower and YOU WILL EAT. A lot. Because who knows when you'll eat again, your body doesn't. Winter is coming. The problem is that it's 2017, and winter doesn't come anymore.

When we think of nutrition in terms like "all or nothing" "off the wagon on the wagon" "good food bad food" we enter that cycle of restriction then cravings then overeating then weight gain and guilt then back to restricting and/or over training 

The truth is, we make a lot of progress with a better-than-nothing mindset. A heck of a lot more progress than going back and forth between 100% and 0%. And the good news is that if you're reading this blog post right now, you are certainly beyond 0%. Wanting to get a handle on your health is much more than 0% and subjecting yourself to workouts at Harvest is WAY more than 0%.

So what can you do right now? Just be honest with what is sustainable for you. Is following a restrictive diet 100% of the time something you can keep up until your abs show up? Maybe you need to be ok with following a plan 80% of the time. Saturday morning can be a pleasant time where you don't wake up thinking "why did I eat/drink that?" Work on "Good enough" rather than "perfect". And of course, for more ideas on how to do "good enough", chat Devin up at the gym or via text!

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