11818 Compete!

Heavy Day//

a. 2 Rep Max Hang Squat Snatch

b. 10:00 EMOM 2 Hang Squat Snatch @ 70-85%

c. 3x [5 Snatch DL + 5 Straight Leg Snatch DL] @ 105% of part A. 

Next Saturday is our Compassion First Partner Throwdown. If you're on the fence about signing up, we definitely recommend you give it a shot! If you're interested in competing in the NW fit games competitions, little events like this are an awesome way to introduce you to a multi-event competition. And even if you don't have any grand aspirations to do any larger events, this could be your Superbowl! It's an in-house event, so you'll be competing in front of your workout buddies. It's also a great opportunity to invite friends and family to watch and experience just what we're all about here at Harvest. Our last event was a hit and everyone had fun. The WODs will be challenging and you won't regret testing your fitness in such an awesome atmosphere. 

January 27th, 8am- 2ish

Two person teams! Divisions: M/F Rx, M/F Scaled, F/F Scaled, Teens M/M or F/F

Three events and a Final

$25 per person/ $50 per team. Sign up through the "Partner Throwdown" link on our home page.

This competition will be raising funds towards MacLarin, Val, Rachael, and Ben's upcoming trip to Indonesia with Compassion First. The money raised from last year's Throwdown was instrumental in preparing a shelter where young girls rescued from sex trafficking will soon be able to get necessary care and support. We will get to see that shelter and help with any projects it may need done! 

When it comes to competition, we're always asked, "Which division should I sign up for? Rx or Scaled" Check it out: Rx athletes should be able to: 20/14# Wall Ball Shots- Snatch 145/100- Chin over bar pull-ups without assistance- 24/20inch Box jumps- Deadlift 315/185- Clean 205/135- Thrusters 115/75. The programming for the event will look really similar to your day to day programming so use that as your reference. If would still appreciate some guidance, we can certainly have that conversation! I think the events will certainly be challenging, but more-so fun and rewarding. 

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