121618 Autopilot mindset


For Time

21-15-9 Overhead Squat 85/55 and Toes to Bar 

Run 1500m (3 block laps) 

21-15-9 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 85/95 and AbMat Sit Up


This time of year is very interesting. There are just too many stressors and dynamics to count. No matter how many Holiday seasons you’ve survived, each new year you might navigate these waters like they’re brand new. Our expectations are those of celebration and rest, but we’re often disappointed by end-of-year work deadlines, our selfish kids, your racist uncle, etc. 

It is really easy in seasons like these to let those stressors augment your normal training mindset. “I’m stressed at work, my mother-in-law is being difficul, and my kid wants a Nintendo 64 and they’re all sold out. Oh and to top it off, the wod has overhead squats and double unders?! I’ll have to scale so- hard pass, looks like a rest day, Devin won’t notice.” 

Hard truth— skipping the wod won’t give you an extension on the work deadline, make your in-laws less difficult, or find your kid a tickle-me-Elmo. Sometimes you need to give yourself the freedom of just dragging whatever self you can muster up into the gym and at least start moving around. You know you always feel better and accomplished when you come sweat.

CrossFit is difficult yes, so the common attitude is that you need to daily amp yourself up to compete and really put your training at the utmost forefront of your life and priorities. That can be a pretty exciting experience, we’ve all experienced it. The opposite though is that if we can’t smash through the wod 110% all the time, it’s not even worth showing up. But what if it was just a thing you did for an hour and then did normal life for the other 24? That’s actually really very healthy and sustainable. In that world you can spare an hour to make yourself fitter even if all you can offer is autopilot! 

As far as your health or fitness goes, consistency is the only thing that trumps Intensity. Give yourself the freedom to be more consistent than intense and you’ll certainly cruise into the new year fitter.




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