Harvest CrossFit Intramural Open


Most workouts are pretty simple in design and that makes them pretty elegant- this one kind of throws that to the wind, so sorry in advance if I have to explain this one multiple times tomorrow.

For Time

5-4-3-2-1 Clean and Jerks, increase the load each round (Rx 155/95, 185/110, 215/125, 225/135, 245/145)

2 Rope Climbs



Cost $20, just sign up for the CrossFit Open

What it’s all about// Community, Participation, Competition, Pushing yourself, Fun! 

For the CrossFit Open, we're introducing the Intramural Format! Competing against 300k athletes world-wide is an awesome experience, but the more locally you check the leaderboard, the more interesting it gets. World wide- great I'm 10,000th- Pretty Good! Oh wow- 400th in the region! WHAT?!- 100th in the state! Cool! And until now we didn't have much in-house competition. The Intramural Open gives you a team to rally around and encourage! We'll award points a couple ways. 1. Participate- your first attempt at any workout is points! 2. Your Score- Whatever reps you score, no matter your division are added to your score! 3. Judging- each time you judge a workout, Points! 

So far, the people already registered for the Open have been divided into teams captained by an HCF coach. You can make your team as big as you want, so you have a week basically to recruit more athletes. More athletes obviously means more points. 

What if I want to do the Open, but no one asked me to be in their team?-- When you register for the Open, we'll put you on a team.

What if I want to do the Open, but don't want to be on a team?-- Too bad, you're on a team.

How many workouts can I judge for points?-- As many as you want! Go wild, get those points.

Can I re-do workouts for more points?-- Sure, you can do the workouts as many times as you like, but you'll only get the final points that you submit to the online leader-board.

Here is the current teams, but by the time you read this, more people may have already been recruited so you better get to inviting your buddies to join your team!

ROBOTS// Devin J., Mark, Ruby

Battle Buddies// Justin, Brittany, Ben

name tba// KyLee, Matt J., Rachael

name tba// Chris, Katie, Josh G., Shawna 

name tba// Melissa, Janna, Mike, Misty

name tba// Matt M., Amy W., Kate

name tba// MacLarin, Micah, Laura 


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