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President's Day// Normal Schedule for Adults and Kids. No teens


Row 2k x2

It's time! One reason I love the CrossFit Open is the fact that you are competing with the top dogs! You can say "I play basketball," but I don't think any of you have ever played with Lebron James. This week you're competing against Matt Fraser and Tia Clair Toomey! You can certainly treat the next 5 weeks like the last 100 weeks you've been doing CrossFit, but it is just really fun to treat it like your very own Superbowl.

-We plan on continuing our weekly operations as usual with the exception of Saturday. Saturday morning we'll retain our 8am hour as a free trial class for new athletes. You're welcome to come start warming up as early as 8:30am (just stay out of the way of class if one is going on) and depending on the workout, we'll probably start judging around 9:15am. All of the logistics really depend on the WODs. If you need to get your workout out of the way, show up early and get your name on the board for the first or an early heat. We'll hang out as long as it takes to judge everyone who wants to do their workout Saturday. 

-Your easiest option for being judged is Saturday morning, but the WOD for Friday will be the Open WOD for that week. There will be bonus points for going out of your way to come in to judge. ex. Lisa can't make it in on Saturday this week because there is a Subaru convention she wants to go to, so she asks her best buddy Chelsea to come in and judge her workout on Friday. Chelsea will get a couple extra Intramural points for her team that week. 

-If you need to get it done Thursday night, you'll be an astronaut, but just show up around 5:30, watch the Open announcement and get to warming up and tell us all how hard it is!

-Try to get it done Thursday, Friday or Saturday because Sunday and Monday aren't guaranteed, but we'll do what we can to get it done! I'm also willing to judge your WOD at weird between-class-times if you're truly in a bind.

lets say your name is Mark and you're going to show up to workout on Friday even if you plan on showing up Saturday to workout, you can warm up with the class, and do a mini version of the Open WOD to get a good feel of the stimulus and figure out your best game plan for Saturday morning. We don't recommend doing the entire WOD without a judge if you're registered for the Open. 

Here is the Points breakdown for our hiOpen//

- Reps// All the reps you complete are points regardless of your division or type of WOD. Ex. Rx reps score the same as Scaled Masters reps. Whatever is showing on the online leader board after you submit your score is your points for the hiOpen.

- Judging// Any WOD you judge on Saturday is worth 10 reps. Any WOD you come in to judge for a friend on a Thursday, Friday, Sunday, or Monday is 15 reps. You do not need to take the Online Judges course, but it is a great little course that helps you understand the movement standards-- They're also the movement standards we're trying to achieve on a daily basis at HCF.

- Team Spirit!// Each week will have a theme, and if you dress accordingly, that's an easy extra 10 reps! Week 1- Team Spirit! Week 2- 80's Party! Week 3- USA all the way! Week 4- Luck of the Irish! Week 5- ???TBA???

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