3518 Well isn't that just NEAT!

Overhead Squat


Your energy expenditure is made up of a couple main categories. Resting Metabolic rate is just the energy it takes to keep you alive- breathing, thinking, healing, heart pumping blood, organ functioning. Exercise activity- all of your intentional movement for pleasure or training or sport- CrossFit, running, and sports. Thermic Effect of Food- I really don't know why this isn't just considered a "keep you alive" kind of function, but it makes sense that it gets its own category since it can be manipulated so much, bu it’s the energy you use to digest food and store or use energy. Another very important category of energy expenditure is called NEAT- Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is all of your unintentional movement. Walking from your car to the grocery store, playing with your dog or kids, fidgeting, moving about your house or work. NEAT is important to pay attention to. 

Some people are forced into a sedentary lifestyle or they're just more prone to moving less for whatever reason. A lot of people, namely researchers paid by Coca-Cola or Pepsi will tell you that the obesity epidemic was caused by TV and Video games, and not high fructose corn syrup (I played every sport season of the year, and was the fattest kid in school btw). But it is true that movement plays a large role in body composition and health. If we look at the people we know who can't gain weight to save their lives, we can use the cliche "Oh well they just have fast metabolisms". I'm willing to bet their actual metabolisms aren't very different at all and that the difference can be seen more in their NEAT. Now I'm not calling you a lazy turd compared to Jerin or the Kims, they just have the propensity to move more whether they know it or not. My body might be fighting to get back to the fluffier version of Devin. Jerin's body has always been lean and mean, and his base line is such. If I slurp down a milk shake, that's what it was used to, there's no reason for alarm, my movement won't change much at all. Jerin on the other hand could suck down the same milk shake and he'd probably just start doing some house work or something without even knowing it. 

What do we do with that knowledge? Check your attitude often. Boredom is ambition without an outlet. If you're bored or antsy, it's not a sign that you need to be catching up on NetFlix, it means go do something. Also if you're lacking ambition to move, maybe you should.... ahem... be eating some more. Does going to CrossFit feel like the last thing you want to do? Probably because you've got no fuel man!

When you're feeling like a lump and content about it, remind yourself, "oh yah, this whole fat loss thing requires some movement." It doesn’t have to be crazy or intense either. CrossFit once a day, but that might only be 6-30 minutes of intensity. There’s about 16 other waking hours of the day. House work, walking, playing with your animals, yard work, sex, hiking, leisure sports like golf or cycling. Get ambitious!

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