3718 What is in a Farmer’s Carry?


13:00 With a partner

AMRAP Box Jumps

Farmers’ Carry 50/35

*switch whenever a partner returns from the carry. 


All this talk about food is making me hungry for some movement blogging! 

So what’s the deal with this farmers’ carry? Well it’s just walking and carrying heavy stuff with both hands at your sides. Imagine two buckets of water or feed. If it were just one hand, we call it a suitcase carry. We’ve done hug carries, overhead carries, and shoulder loaded carries. Standing upright and supporting a load has a lot of benefits to our fitness and walking around while supporting a heavy load is just that much better.

This WOD calls for a really simple carry (well simple as in non-complex, not easy). The farmers carry or farmers walk loads up your abdominals and spinal erectors and contributes to a more rhobust trunk. Stressing your upper back fortifies the structures important for good posture. That burn in your shoulders is your rotator cuffs becoming bomb-proof. And not a single person’s grip won’t be challenged. Did you know that among all the indicators of longevity, grip strength is one of the most trusted? The motion of your hips, knees, and ankles under a heavy load leads to positive adaptations as well. 

My favorite part about something like a farmers’ carry is it’s simplicity. They take zero instruction, while providing a potent dose of intensity! 


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