71818 Hack your mood with a good warmup!

Heavy Day//

Squat Clean and Strict Press


Sometimes we are less than excited to train. Maybe the WOD isn’t in our wheelhouse or confidence. Maybe we’ve had a long day or week. Or maybe we’re just tired and moody. When I’m about to train and I’m in a funk, I remember a lesson I learned from Brian Cain (he’s a big time sports psychologist... we’ve hung out). That is to “act differently than how you feel.” Or to fake it until you make it! Do I mean Dutch Bro’s status attitude? Uhm No. What I do is I intentionally move about the warmup as though I’m fresh as a daisy even if I’m not. It works well for me personally. The uptempo pace helps warm and loosen me up, otherwise if I drag myself around, it takes me a lot longer to prepare and I might never reach a mental and physical readiness that supports the intensity I believe in.

I understand that the WOD will challenge me and make me a better athlete and I can get excited about that.  

Devin JonesComment