8318 Fruit? Vegetable?

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What is it? Is it a fruit or vegetable? 

Fruit are the things that grow on a plant that aren't flowers or leaves or stems or roots. They Hold seeds and fall away from the plant and the plant remains. Fruit is supposed to either rot away leaving a seed to become another plant or get eaten by something, and transported elsewhere, pooped out, and again becoming another plant hopefully. Apple, Pepper, Tomato, Berry, Coconut, Avocado, Zucchini, Pineapple. That list included a couple of things where you were probably like "I thought a pepper was a vegetable." If a fruit holds seeds and releases them to become new plants, that sounds a lot like a pine-cone, are pine-cones fruit? Well no because conifer trees don't make flowers. Confused yet? And this is really why we shouldn't get too hung up on the differentiation. All fruit are vegetables if only because vegetable means, "the part of a plant that humans eat." Some things we eat that are vegetables, but not fruit would be like spinach, celery, rhubarb, carrot, lettuce, beets, cauliflower. They're just pieces of a plant, they don't grow and get "ripe" or "ready", they are the plant. Sometimes we eat fruits and vegetables from the same plant like the olive plant, we can eat the fruit (the olives) and the leaves. 

So what do you do with this info. You could use it to impress your friends at a party. You could use it to arrogantly correct someone. Or, I just hope it might help you stress less about shopping in that scary produce section where nothing has a label and a lot of things might look like a waste of money because you have no idea how to cook it or eat it. If you were hungry enough and that crazy looking fruit or dirty vegetable were the only things available, you'd figure it out! Eat plants, which part? Any part that isn't poisonous!

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