With a partner 24:00

1/2 Lap Run 16 times alternating laps

With the leftover time, sandbag hug carry for max distance. Set the sandbag down every 24 feet. When you change partners you must pick the bag up from the floor, and no dropping. 

Here’s another great meal from one of my Harvest Habits Athletes!


In a world of so much information and fads and miracle cures and diets, it’s nice to know you can come home to Whole Foods. 

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. It’s just rock solid. When focusing on Whole Foods, there’s no asterisks or appendix that says something like “this is a miracle diet except you gotta make sure you’re getting enough fiber or protein or sodium or vitamin-w or magnesium or ectoplasm.” Everything you need is already there! There’s no side effects, only side benefits!  

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