Sleep! 318-322

If you don’t want to know about sleep like, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The programming for the upcoming week is way down below the sleep talk! 

But yah. I really think that the two things that are the answer— the magic bullets for just about everything in your physical life— are to Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch, and no sugar. AND to Do constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. It’s the elegant cure to humanities most vexing problem, chronic disease. Out industry, despite knowing this fact is always looking for a third thing. Diet and exercise... but what else? Creatine? Foam rolling? Alkaline water? Essential oils? There are like a million 3rd things that if you feel like they support your consistency or success with the big two— Diet/Exercise— are awesome. Certainly not vital or guaranteed like diet and exercise.

The only thing as important as the big two is sleep. Why not call it the three things? Well because you’re going to sleep no matter what. You will sleep. And if you get to the point where your body forces you to sleep, it’s going to be good sleep. You’re not guaranteed to eat nutritious foods or exercise wisely. Sure you’ll get hungry and eat something, but when you make it to that point, it’s not usually a wise decision. 

Aren’t our bodies amazing creations?! We have our own built in repair mode. During sleep, your motionless body fixes or works on fixing all the damage you do during the day. And not just physical damage, but mental or emotional damage as well. You go to bed with an ache, and often wake up feeling a little better, if not completely better in the morning. Go to bed with a hefty mental or emotional burden, you’ll usually wake up and think, “weird, why did I make such a big deal about that yesterday?” Or wow, “I really acted like an asshole— probably should try to react to that situation better in the future.” 

One really intriguing thing about sleep is that it is really always a chicken or egg type of discussion.

-I didn’t sleep well because I over ate last night. OR I have some really strong food cravings because I didn’t sleep well last night.

-I didn’t perform well in the WOD because I didn’t sleep good. OR I didn’t sleep well because I never not got to exercise or maybe I over-trained. 

- I didn’t sleep well because I drank a little too much. OR I was more tempted to drink because I was tired and just didn’t care as much. 

Pinpointing whatever is effecting your sleep volume or quality can be difficult, but that’s just really evidence of how important sleep really is. It’s actually important enough that my advice for you and your sleep life isn’t specific at all. My advice is for you to do your own research and make the intentional effort to improve A. The amount of time you are spending in your bed, and B. The quality of sleep you’re getting while you’re there.

Many of you are reading this and I already hear your objections. “I’m a new parent.” “I do shift work.” “I got kids.” “My spouse snores.” I sympathize, but it’s also 2019, we sent a man to the moon, your kids could easily give themselves a full k-12 education from YouTube. You can find a way to get more and better sleep that is specific to your own situation! Google search or YouTube ‘Better sleep for Cops,’ or new moms, or college kids. You can literally have 10 books about sleep, free shipping, sent to your doorstep and without even looking away from whatever you’re using to read this post.



3 Rounds for Time

Run 400m

50 Box step up

Run 400m

20 Push-Up

30 AbMat SitUp



10:00 AMRAP

5 Unbroken Hang Cleans

5 Unbroken Shoulder To Overhead

25 Unbroken Double Unders



15:00 AMRAP

1 Rope Climb

Handstand Walk 50ft

1 Rope Climb

10 Handstand Push Up



Bench Press




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