Friday 9.12.14//Meat-Head? Intellectual? Harvest CrossFit flies both flags! Pick up heavy stuff, AND discuss organic produce!






Your homework is to figure out this benchmark workout...

I've always been a big dude! So naturally I would swing the way of the Meat-head. I excelled at weightlifting and in the weight room. In college and even now, many of my friends and acquaintances are way into endurance sports, marathons, triathlons, cycling. And being a good friend I just wanted to be a little endurophile as well. What an identity crisis!!!

I see so many people going through the same fitness identity crisis. We have cute little friends who can run all day and all night and we have no way to relate to them on a movement level. Vice versa, those little guys are just bored in the traditional gym.

Enter CrossFit!

CrossFit is the only place on earth where Soccer moms are excited about Dead lift PR's. Grown men own their own jump ropes. Humans who never even desired to do a pull-up can do pull-ups. Meat-heads are bragging about their summer garden!

Whether you're a treadmill warrior or the bench-press in headphones guy, we want to train you. CrossFit is a unifying phenomena and becoming more the norm rather than a cute niche in the fitness world.


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