Monday Sept 15// Just CrossFit? Why don't you guys have ________?

Warmup// Tabata air squats


Overhead Squat -or- Front Squat

8-6 5x4


For time:

30 s2oh (135/95)

30 Deadlift (135/95)

10 otb burpees

20 s2oh

20 Deadlift

10 otb burpees

10 s20h

10 Deadlift

10 otb burpees


In the traditional gym setting, you'll see everything offered under the fitness sky. Multiple different machines that work the exact same muscle//dance class// self defense class// stationary biking// stationary running// stationary gliding? Body building has it's place, distance running has it's place, karate chops and judo boxing has it's place. All good and beneficial// Truly!

Our game is CrossFit though. Increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We pour ourselves into it so that our athletes get the best possible experience. A neat and ironic thing happens, rather than being all things to all people, we write one program and all of our athletes become happy and excited about their training and results.

The personalized fitness model is mythology. We scale for individuals, but the prescription is the same. Meat and Veggies//Squats, pulls and presses!

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