Tuesday 9.16.14//Constantly Varied... oh you mean Muscle Confusion?...ugh, ok lets talk about this

Barbell Warmup


EMOM 12//the coach will assign your complex

Rx// 3 Snatch

Intermediate// 3 Power Snatch

Beginner// 3 Hang Power Snatch 


4 x 500 work rest 1:1

"Oh constantly varied, thats like Muscle Confusion right? P80-Z and Absurdity or whatever-you-call-em uses that! I can dig it!"

First off Constantly Varied is not the same as Muscle Confusion. So let me explain the exact polar opposite differences.

Muscle Confusion sounds perfectly logical and it does kind of work for a desired stimulus, but it's not what CrossFit is trying to achieve with Constant variance. Muscle Confusion or always doing random and different movements causes one to burn a lot of energy because you're always in crappy and inefficient positions.

On the contrary, in CrossFit, we teach and use different movements so that our athletes are well rounded and always developing all 10 fitness domains. We teach the most efficient and natural movement patters to move heavy loads long distances quickly because that is what makes the best athletes.

Here are some phrases that illustrate the point.

"Hey man I need some help moving this couch."///"Don't worry bro, I've been confusing my muscles a lot lately, so I got this on lock!"--said no one ever.

"Hey do you wanna go hiking this weekend?"///"Oh hells yes, my muscles are so confused and ready to go!"--nope

"Stop, in the name of the Law. If you resist arrest, I'll be ready because I did 18 muscle confusers this morning!"-- puuhhLeez

Basic Language// We do a lot of different stuff at CrossFit so that you get good at a lot of different stuff. And then when something new comes along in life, it won't take long to learn!

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