Wednesday 9.17.14//Why Dallas?

Warmup// Block run


Death by Power Clean (155/105)

\\EMOM +1 Power Clean until you can't finish the power cleans within the minute//


Strict Press 3x5

Push Press 3x3

Push Jerk 3x1


3x20 Hollow Rocks

We get asked 2 questions. What is CrossFit? Why did you come to Dallas?

We came here from a town called Ellensburg. And Ellensburg is, to put it simply// FREAKING  RAD!// it is a little bigger than Dallas and MacLarin and I grew up there. We know everyone there, and have lots of friends, and we benefited from an amazing community. It's a lot like Dallas in that the kids complain that there's nothing to do, but parents will move back there to raise their kids. And if there's one thing we've learned from Ellensburg, it's that a great community is awesome because of the people, not it's night life, or attractions.

So I get it, the obvious question is Why Dallas? There's not a lot to do. But it's a simple answer for us. MacLarin and I decided that we aren't the types to sit back and live a comfort-zone-life. We wanted to venture off and pour into a new little town!

Starting this gym is the hardest thing we've ever done, but so rewarding.

So why Dallas? 

We're people people. We came to Dallas because you're here!

Every hour that I've coached here, and every time we see one of our athletes, our friends, do something really hard, which is every day, I'm inspired and I'm truly overjoyed that we chose Dallas.

Thank you Harvesters

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