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Harvest Lifestyle Academy// Week 2

For Week 2, we're focusing on protein. The spirit of this week is to eat enough protein to support muscle recovery so we can go hard in the gym day after day. Here is how you get your points// Eat at least 1.2g of protein per 1lb of lean body mass. What is your lean body mass? Anything that is not fat on your body (muscles, bones, organs, etc). You can find your bodyfat % and lean body mass a couple of different ways. Many of you used the BodPod last week; use the lean body mass from that test. You can also use the Zone body fat calculator that uses a few measurements along with your height and weight. 

We'll write your goal on the card and check your food journal to see if you get the protein point this week. 4 points available// 1 point for showing us your journal, 1 point for writing down everything you eat, 1 point for recording the quantities, and finally 1 point for hitting your protein goal.

1.2g of protein per 1lb of LBM??? From looking at your journals this week, it's overwhelmingly obvious that the number you should be hitting is "more" protein. 1.2 may not be the optimal factor for every athlete at HCF, but it's probably not less than that 1.2 and most of you had to really work to even get close to 1.2. 

The requirement is your protein prescription amount, but here's a couple of our recommendations for attacking your goal this week. 1. the Majority of Your protein sources should be Meat or a whey protein supplement. You'll see "a good source of protein" written on all sorts of labels trying to convince you to buy the product. Cereals, beans, dairy etc. Here's the probelms with relying on these "protein" sources// Beans-- Yes, can be considered a protein source, but the proteins in beans are large contributors to inflammation. Counter productive to your training. Beans also contain much more Carbohydrate than protein. Lets say you need 165g of protein and you got them all from black beans, great job, you hit your protein also consumed 500g of carb! Say hello to Metabolic derangement, not to mention the gas... Dairy-- same story, but with fat, and if not fat, lactose. Quinoa/ Cereals/ Whole wheat-- again, wild carb-load (carbs aren't bad, that many carbs are bad) inflammation city! BTW General Mills will be facing litigation for labeling Cheerios as a significant protein source. Consider it the same advertising when you see a protein promotion on your quinoa, oatmeal, and David's Mortal Buns.

2. Spread the Love/ Start early! We also learned for your journals that a lot of you are eating a Carb Heavy breakfast, which isn't necessarily bad, but it is bad when it lacks adequate protein. A. We produce HGH and use up a ton of protein while we sleep leaving us protein depleted when we wake. Your day needs to begin with Protein, Fat, and Carb! Not just carb, like many of you last week. Big time judgement even if you hit your protein number but breakfast was just oatmeal! B. Good luck sleeping after gorging yourself right before bed because you really really want your protein point, but didn't get it done during the day!  wake up a little earlier, scramble those eggs, mix that protein. It's 2016, starting your day with cereal might as well be starting your day with a cigarette and a piece of chocolate cake! "Better than nothing!" Is a myth! Throw away your cereal, eat real food please.

Oh yah and you need a new partner this week! It'll be tougher to reach the goal daily this week, so you may want to choose someone else who has paid into the challenge if you have yourself!

New You 6 Week Challenge

Warning! for the next three weeks, if you are a woman, your Facebook will be bombarded with an ad for our intro challenge campaign! It's going to be an awesome, non-threatening intro class to Harvest CrossFit. If you're an HCF athlete, it's because you're a badass who was brave and just waltzed in to talk to us about training, BUT as you know, badassness is not a requirement for HCF athletes, so this is our way to invite some people in who will benefit from a women's only intro class. If you know someone who this would be perfect for, share the info with them! $250 for 6 weeks 3x/week. We'll take before and after measurements, provide a meal plan, and it's women only. They have to sign up on our "New You 6 Week Challenge" website and schedule an interview.



4 Rounds for time

Run 400m

15 Front Squats 115/75 *must be done in unbroken sets of 5- no more, no less*


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